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Is theft a felony in Indiana?

If you face theft charges in Indiana, you should know that Indiana comes down hard on the convicted. Like all states, Indiana categorizes theft by the value of the property stolen. However, unlike most other jurisdictions, The Hoosier State limits its categories to...

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What is parallel parenting?

High-conflict divorce is stressful enough on its own, but it becomes a very fraught situation with children involved. Whether your ex is a narcissist, has a personality disorder or if the relationship with your ex has simply soured to the point where it is difficult...

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The various consequences of an OWI

If you receive a conviction for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, there are numerous penalties involved. Even facing arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence comes with penalties. Not only are there criminal consequences of a conviction, but there are...

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Tips to divorcing a narcissist

If you are going through a divorce, and you suspect or know that your spouse is a narcissist, the process will be even more challenging than most divorces. There are many traits of a narcissist that makes a divorce emotionally exhausting and often more expensive....

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Should you ice a third-degree burn?

If you have a car accident, you may suffer potentially catastrophic burn injuries. Doctors use degrees to describe the severity of burns, with third-degree ones being the most severe. While cool water may help to alleviate some of your discomfort, it is never wise to...

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