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Month: April 2022

Can you get injured from dooring?

Cyclists often have more to worry about when they hit the road than almost anyone else. Their vehicles have the least amount of protection and leave the most room for potential injuries. Dooring is one source of these injuries. But just what is it and how does it...

3 reasons you might consider a mediated divorce

If you and your spouse are facing divorce, you may be dreading a long, stressful legal battle that will take a financial and emotional toll on both you and your children. However, going to court is not your only option. Mediation is an alternative approach to divorce...

Getting ready for child support during your divorce

If you are bringing your marriage to an end, you need to take a close look at child support if you expect to owe payments. It is vital to go over the various factors that courts evaluate when awarding child support. Additionally, you need to understand the serious...

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