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Month: February 2022

Will nesting work for your family?

As parents going through divorce, you likely wonder what sort of living arrangement you should set up in the meantime. Perhaps you want to co-parent together, but you currently do not feel you have it in you to live in the same home with your co-parent. In these...

Can you turn down a breath analysis test?

When an officer requests a driver to take a form of sobriety test, such as a breath analysis test, the driver may feel like they have a right to refuse. On the contrary, due to implied consent laws, a driver must actually take these tests when an officer administers...

Understanding false fraud accusations

Fraud is continuing to grow in the modern age, both in volume and in technique. According to Federal Trade Commission reports, Americans lost $148 million to gift card fraud over 2021's first nine months. This amount does not even factor in credit card fraud, which...

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