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Month: April 2020

Is divorce expensive?

While many people expect a litany of costs after a divorce, thinking about the costs of the process itself is often forgotten about. However, depending on the assets involved in your divorce, the process can end up costing thousands of dollars.  However, there are...

Can you get a DUI for marijuana use?

You may think you will face DUI charges only if you were drinking and driving. However, you may also face these charges if you experience impairment because of marijuana use. Drugged driving is more common than you may realize. According to the National Institute on...

Modifying a child support order in Indiana

Even though many Indianans have experienced some prosperity over the last decade, the recent economic downturn may have left you without enough funds to cover your monthly expenses. You may have even lost your job. While you may have some flexibility with your rent or...

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