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Is divorce expensive?

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Family Law |

While many people expect a litany of costs after a divorce, thinking about the costs of the process itself is often forgotten about. However, depending on the assets involved in your divorce, the process can end up costing thousands of dollars. 
However, there are ways to ensure that you save money on the divorce process. According to Forbes Magazine, one of the ways to save money on divorce is to choose a mediated or collaborative divorce. 
What is a mediated divorce? 
Mediated divorces are good for ex-couples who are extremely amicable and do not have any objections to the divorce or the terms of a divorce. In a mediated divorce, there are no serious arguments about anything like child custody, paternity, alimony or property division. 
In this variety of divorce, a lawyer is not needed. It is possible for the ex-spouses to discuss the divorce with a neutral third-party and simply sign the paperwork. This variety of divorce is the least expensive. 

What is a collaborative divorce? 
Collaborative divorce involves lawyers, but, in opposition to a trial divorce, there are only two lawyers and no judges. Each ex-spouse will have their own lawyer, but they will negotiate the terms of divorce over a conference table. A collaborative divorce has more legal protection than a mediated divorce, but it is less intensive than a trial divorce. This is a good option for ex- couples who are willing to negotiate but want to ensure they protect their interests in the event of divorce. 
Keep in mind that for either a mediated or collaborative divorce to be viable, both parties have to be willing to compromise. If there are any major points of contention, a trial divorce may be the only option. 

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