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Resolve Family Law Disputes With An Experienced Mediator

Family law litigation can be stressful and adversarial — and often, litigation takes the final decision-making power out of your hands and places it into a judge’s. Courtroom battles can lead to uncertain outcomes and can become rather costly.

Mediation, on the other hand, can help you maintain control over the outcome and keep your legal costs down. We believe it is always a better choice to attempt to resolve domestic issues outside of the courtroom. Your attorney Julia A. Fifer can help you facilitate an out-of-court settlement. She will listen, learn and work tirelessly to find realistic solutions to complex family law issues. Mrs. Fifer has over 16 years of mediation experience and is a highly sought-after family law mediator.

Why Choose Alternative Dispute Resolution Over Litigation?

Family court dockets are increasingly overbooked and the time commitment involved in litigating family law matters such as divorce can be onerous. Although Indiana is regarded as a “no-fault” divorce state, disagreements over marital and nonmarital assets, child support, and many other points can result in protracted litigation and significant legal bills. Although you can furnish your lawyer with the best information possible, the other side will do the same and a final ruling is out of both of your hands.

By contrast, mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that brings both sides to the table. Mrs. Fifer is a highly skilled mediator who knows the subtleties of family law and understands their practical, courtroom applications. Both parties are invited to provide Mrs. Fifer with confidential statement involving the issues and as time allows she can review that information prior to the mediation. In many mediations, all of the issues can be resolved and an agreement can be submitted by council or the mediator for court approval. This can greatly reduce the cost of a family law matter and provide you with a more controlled outcome to your case.

Contact An Experienced Southern Indiana Mediator

In Indiana, there are two basic paths to mediation. The court may require it, or you and the other party can opt for voluntary mediation even before the matter appears on a court docket. If you are facing a family law issue, call Fifer Law Office at 812-949-2529 or contact us online to get more information. We offer mediation services to people throughout Southern Indiana and hold mediations at our office located at 220 E. Main Street, New Albany, Indiana, or travel to many counties outside of the area at alternative locations. We are fully prepared to help you negotiate an amicable settlement.