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Beware of OWI season in 2018

There's a chill and the scent of woodsmoke in the air in southern Indiana. That means that the holidays will soon be upon us.

For most, it's a time to gather with friends and family, to give thanks and celebrate together. Many of those celebrations involve alcohol, and that's where things can start getting dicey.

Mental illness can be challenging during marriage and divorce

Marriage comes with many challenges, but there are times when these become overwhelming and the relationship has to end. A divorce also comes with many complex elements that have to be taken into consideration as you are making decisions about it. One thing that can make some divorces more difficult is the presence of mental illness. This is amplified when the person doesn't have the help they need to address the illness.

It is very difficult to be married to a person with a mental illness, but it is also very difficult for the person who has the illness. This can sometimes lead to the end of the marriage. No matter which side of the situation you are on, it is imperative to remember that addressing these issues head-on can be beneficial to everyone involved.

Pay attention to what's going on after a car wreck

The days after a car wreck are likely going to be filled with activity, especially if you suffered from serious injuries in the crash. You will probably need extensive medical care and might even need personal care assistance. We know that a situation like this can be devastating because you are having to deal with the physical pain of the injuries, the emotional toll that the unexpected wreck takes on you, and the financial impact of the accident.

One thing that you need to remember these days is that you need to take steps to protect yourself. There is a chance that you might decide to hire a lawyer to help you seek compensation for the damages you have to handle. If you are considering this, you must be sure to choose your words carefully when discussing the accident. Never admit fault. Saying things like "I'm sorry for the crash" can end up preventing you from getting the compensation you need.

Not all criminal charges come about in the same way

A person who is accused of a crime will have a lot of different things that they have to handle through the course of their case moving through the criminal justice system. While it is possible for a person to learn that they are being investigated, others don't know about the criminal charges until the time they are arrested. No matter how they find out that they are facing charges, there are important points to remember.

Some cases go before the grand jury. This jury looks at the evidence that the prosecution has and determines whether charges are appropriate. These individuals don't decide whether a person is guilty or not guilty. The prosecutor can follow their recommendation about the case but this isn't required.

They might not have seen your motorcycle, but they could have

It is a common misconception that humans see with their eyes. Yes, you read that correctly. The eye is only collecting visual information, such as light, distance, shape, color, texture. That information is then relayed to the brain which assembles the image that we see in our mind. This is not intended to be a lesson in science, but a basis to understand how flawed the human eye is and the implications for those on the road.

Child custody challenge: Kids sometimes want the other parent

One difficult realization for parents is that their children will sometimes want the other parent. This can be challenging when there is a divorce because both parents don't live in the same home. You have to remember that this is a trying time for your children, so they might just need some help with the adjustment to having divorced parents.

There are many reasons why your child might want the other parent. For many children, just knowing that they aren't right there is what makes it hard for them to accept. Younger children may be used to knowing that both parents are around and they might not be sure how to navigate the new way.

Know how to handle finances during a divorce

Working out your financial plan is important when you're going through a divorce. Some people don't realize what a toll the split can take on their finances. Taking the time to set up your finances now can help prevent issues from occurring in the future. Here are some points to consider:

First, know what you can afford. You must sit down and write out a budget based only on the income you have now. During your marriage, you might have had two incomes coming into the home. Trying to live off one now might mean that you have to cut back on some expenses.

Heroin charges are all felonies in Indiana

Many drugs lead to troublesome situations. Heroin is no exception to this. A person who is addicted to heroin is likely going to make some bad choices to get their hands on the drug. They aren't worried about having to face criminal charges because the mind isn't going that far into the future. Instead, they are only worried about getting the high they are craving.

There are very serious penalties in the criminal justice system for people who are found guilty of even possession of heroin. The penalties for selling it are more serious.

The end of a marriage puts stress on a family

Divorce and child custody case are often complex matters that are difficult to work through. You need to have a plan going into the situation so that you know what you will do. This isn't going to be easy and you need to be prepared for twists and turns as the case moves forward. We are here to help you along the way so that you aren't getting too stressed out due to a lack of information.

As far as the divorce goes, you have to figure out who is going to get which assets. Thinking about the big assets, such as the house, might be a good place to start. You will also need to divide the debts, but this can usually be done to balance out the agreement with the assets so that it is equitable.

Do you know the consequences of impaired driving in Indiana?

While the summer season may be a time for barbeques and get-togethers, it is important to remember that there are some serious legal consequences for those who choose to drink alcohol at a summer party and then attempt to drive.

In fact, the State of Indiana takes impaired driving very seriously - and anyone who violates the law may face potential charges

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