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Signs that couples are drifting apart

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2024 | Divorce |

There isn’t always a “major” reason that a couple decides to divorce, such as financial stress or infidelity. In some cases, the issue is that a couple has drifted apart over time. Spouses may eventually realize that they don’t have the same connection they used to, so they get divorced.

Have you wondered if this may be happening in your relationship and if divorce is on the horizon? The following are a few concerns that you might want to keep an eye out for.

You prefer spending time elsewhere

If you and your partner no longer spend as much time together, that could be a sign of trouble. Maybe you feel like you don’t have anything to talk about. Perhaps you just prefer to spend time at work or with friends. If the two of you actively avoid spending time together, that’s potentially a red flag that something is wrong in the relationship.

Your conflicts are changing

In some cases, it can be a red flag if you start arguing and having more conflicts. Maybe every little issue turns into an argument because the two of you just aren’t very close any longer. But if the arguments stop entirely, that could also be a red flag that may mean that your partner has checked out of the relationship.

You feel more like roommates

Some people complain that it seems like they’re living with a stranger, but it doesn’t even have to be that dramatic. Maybe you just feel like roommates who split the bills and live in the same space, but there’s no physical affection and you don’t feel any connection to each other. You may not be able to find anything specific that is “wrong,” but you know that the relationship doesn’t feel the way it used to.

If you’ve seen these red flags, it may mean that divorce is on the horizon. Take the time to look into all of the necessary legal steps you’ll need to take to safeguard your interests, just in case.

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