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When might supervised parenting time be required?

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2024 | Child Custody |

Children may be negatively impacted by their parents’ divorce, at least for a time. However, co-parenting plans help ensure that can children get attention from both parents and maintain a healthy relationship with each parent under most circumstances.

While co-parenting can be beneficial for children, it can be challenging. Sometimes, situations arise where supervised parenting time or supervised visitation may be required.

Parental alienation

In cases where a child is showing signs of distress or reluctance to spend time with one parent, indicating potential parental alienation, courts may order supervised parenting time to assess and address the situation. This intervention allows a neutral third party to oversee interactions between the child and the alienated parent, ensuring that the child’s best interests are prioritized and that any harmful dynamics are identified and addressed appropriately.

Safety concerns

If there are safety concerns regarding one parent, such as a history of domestic violence, substance abuse issues or untreated mental health issues, supervised parenting time may be required to ensure a child’s physical and emotional well-being. In such cases, a supervised setting provides a level of protection for the child while still allowing them to maintain a relationship with the parent in question.

Parental mental health concerns

Parental mental health concerns can also prompt the need for supervised parenting time. If one parent is struggling with untreated mental health issues that could potentially impact their ability to provide a safe and stable environment for the child, courts may order supervised visits to ensure a child’s welfare. This arrangement allows for the parent to still maintain contact with the child under the supervision of a trained professional or a neutral third party, reducing any potential risks associated with the parent’s mental health condition.

Supervised parenting time can sometimes help to ensure children’s well-being by providing monitored interactions that prioritize safety while maintaining parent-child relationships. Seeking legal counsel can help to ensure that the best interests of a child are considered when determining whether supervised parenting time is necessary and in developing a suitable parenting plan accordingly.

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