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How children benefit when their divorced parents share custody

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Child Custody |

Divorce can be challenging for everyone involved. It may prove especially difficult for the children caught in the midst of shifting family dynamics. However, research suggests that when parents choose shared custody arrangements, children experience a range of positive outcomes.

Shared custody, where children spend significant time with both parents, goes beyond mere legal agreements. It also aids in a child’s healthy development.

Emotional stability

A key advantage of shared custody is the consistent presence of both parents in a child’s life. This regular and meaningful interaction helps cultivate emotional stability. This gives children a secure foundation amid the changes brought about by divorce. The predictability of spending time with both mom and dad fosters a sense of belonging. This can help reduce the potential negative impact of divorce on a child’s emotional health.

Strengthened child-parent relationships

Shared custody arrangements contribute to the strengthening of parent-child relationships. When children can build connections with both parents, it nurtures a better understanding of their roles and contributions to the child’s life. This often occurs through frequent and meaningful interactions with both parents.

Continuity in upbringing

Shared custody also adds continuity to a child’s upbringing. Children benefit from consistent routines, expectations and values upheld by both parents. This helps ensure that children receive a well-rounded upbringing. It also contributes to their healthy development.

Improved academic performance

Shared custodial arrangements can also strengthen a child’s school performance. Colby College notes that kids of divorce whose parents share custody outperform those living with one parent by about a third of a letter grade.

Shared custody is often a viable and beneficial option for children navigating the complexities of divorce. As parents work together to uphold the best interests of their children, shared custody becomes a pathway to a more stable and fulfilling post-divorce family life.

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