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The role of rehabilitation when recovering from severe TBIs

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Personal Injury |

Most accidents, like falls and collisions, can cause mild to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). A minor TBI could require little to no medical intervention, but the opposite is true for severe cases. Aside from the usual symptoms, a serious TBI can cause worse damage, potentially leading to impairments, disabilities or other health issues.

These conditions often include memory loss, long-term pain, loss of basic senses and vision problems. Other times, patients could lose crucial skills and abilities, hindering them from performing daily tasks or going to work. If the injury is too severe for typical medical treatments, the doctor could refer the patient for specialized care and rehabilitation.

If recommended, rehabilitation can be crucial in helping a patient fully recover from their TBI. The appropriate rehabilitation type can vary based on the patient’s condition. Ultimately, these programs help patients become independent, restore relationships and engage in activities within their community. Achieving these objectives can help patients recover and reenter society.

Other factors can impede healing, such as the patient’s physical condition, the TBI’s severity, access to a support system, and financial ability to pay for rehabilitation. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these programs, making it difficult for some to recover fully.

Pursuing compensation to recover from TBIs

Sometimes, the patient can only afford the care and rehabilitation they need by filing a claim based on the situation. By doing so, they could receive a significant amount to cover their medical expenses if someone else’s negligence caused their TBI. Taking legal action may not guarantee a full recovery. Still, it could give patients a better chance at healing once they can afford the necessary treatment and rehabilitation programs.

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