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Is this a fractured skull?

Taking a blow to the head will result in some nasty repercussions no matter what the source is or how it happened. However, a fractured skull comes along with health issues that set it apart from other impact injuries like concussions. The most important thing when...

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Factors that affect BAC levels

Knowing not to get behind the wheel after drinking is easier said than done. Although some individuals can handle a drink or two before reaching a BAC of .08, others cannot. There are many factors that affect how the body metabolizes alcohol. Understanding these may...

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What hurdles do grey divorcees face?

Going through divorce, you can already expect to face certain hurdles and difficulties especially around matters of finance and overall well-being. But the troubles you face tie directly to the stage of your life you happen to be in. For grey divorcees, you are often...

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What is an expungement?

A criminal record may make it difficult for you to advance your professional life. However, in some instances, this does not have to remain the case forever. Indiana offers the opportunity for expungement or sealing the details of your criminal record from public...

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