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The 3 ways drivers can become distracted

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2024 | Personal Injury |

Most drivers are easily distracted more than they realize. This is a big problem, as being distracted increases the chance you will crash. There is so much happening around a driver that they need to stay alert to and getting distracted makes it likely they miss something vital.

Distraction can affect a driver in three ways:

1. Visual

Visual distractions are what would spring to mind first for most people. They think distraction is about not being able to see what is happening because you are looking at a phone screen, for example. Or missing the person crossing in front because you are too busy reading the special offer on the billboard out of the side window.

2. Physical

Most drivers are physically distracted a lot. Basically, every time they remove a hand from the wheel. So, tasks such as adjusting the radio, seat or mirrors can all distract you. Eating a candy bar or drinking a can of soda will too. Optimal driving requires both hands to be on the steering wheel.

3. Cognitive

Cognitive distractions prevent you from fully focusing your attention on the road. You might have your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road but if the brain cells are busy with something else, such as what to cook for dinner or what your boss is going to say when you arrive late, you are cognitively less efficient at driving. You’ll take longer to notice and react to things, such as the car in front of you braking.

Doing your best to avoid getting distracted not only reduces the chance you cause a crash. It also increases the chance you can avoid one someone else is about to cause. If it happens anyway, you’ll need to learn about your legal options.


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