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Virtual visitation strategies for young kids

On Behalf of | May 9, 2024 | Child Custody |

Young kids benefit significantly from visual and interactive engagements with parents. As a result, when they are living in two different homes due to a co-parenting arrangement, they often do well when a virtual visitation arrangement allows them to connect with whichever parent is not present on any given day.

Virtual visitation involves using video calls and other digital communication methods to interact remotely, and it can be effectively used as part of a broader co-parenting strategy. The terms of such an arrangement can even be outlined in a family’s parenting plan so that everyone remains on the same page concerning the expectations of the arrangement itself.

Making thoughtful choices

Virtual visitation allows parents to share everyday moments with their children, from reading bedtime stories to watching them play. While nothing can fully replace the warmth of physical presence, technology offers a variety of ways to bridge the gap. Yet, it’s important to employ thoughtful approaches when setting virtual visitation expectations. Young kids don’t have the same needs in this regard that older ones do.

It’s fairly obvious that it’s important to establish a regular schedule for virtual visits to create consistency, as young children don’t usually do well when they don’t know what to expect from their routines. But beyond scheduling concerns (When?), it’s important to be thoughtful about the ways in which virtual visitation plays out (How?).

If you are the parent of a young child and you co-parent with your ex, take care to engage in activities that can be shared over video, as phone calls sans video work better for older kids. Reading stories, playing games or working on simple crafts can make your virtual time together more engaging and meaningful.

For example, the Caribu app is an excellent resource for parents looking to have more interactive virtual visitations. This app allows you to read books, play games and even color together in a virtual playdate environment. It’s designed to make video calls more child-friendly and engaging and to keep young kids attentive and happy during calls.

By being thoughtful in your approach, you can make virtual visitation an opportunity for meaningful, joyful connection and memory-making. Parenting in the Digital Age isn’t always easy, but it isn’t all bad either.

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