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How your child benefits when you effectively co-parent

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2023 | Family Law |

Raising a child with someone else in Indiana is hard under the best of circumstances, but it may become decidedly more so if the relationship between you and your child’s other parent is acrimonious. Learning to successfully co-parent with someone else takes time and effort, but if you and your ex are able to do so, your child is likely to benefit as a result.

According to Medical News Today, children fare better overall when they feel as if both of their parents want to play an active role in their lives. Learning to effectively co-parent with your ex also leads to a variety of other advantages when it comes to your shared child.

How co-parenting well helps your child

When a conflict exists between parents, children become more likely to develop physical, behavioral or psychological symptoms, and they also become more prone to experiencing stress and anxiety. When a child’s parents fight on a frequent basis, the child often begins to blame himself or herself, which may lead to issues with self-esteem and self-confidence. The more you and your former partner learn to work together when it comes to your son or daughter, the less likely your child is to experience a wide range of negative effects.

How to improve your co-parenting relationship

First, accept that co-parenting is going to have its challenges. It may help to have a plan in place with your ex regarding how you work through inevitable challenges or disagreements that arise. It may also help to formulate a plan with regard to who has decision-making authority over the child you share and when.

Ultimately, successful co-parenting requires you and your former partner to put your child’s needs and wants ahead of your own.

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