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What parameters does probation place on you?

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

In some criminal cases, you may get the opportunity to choose between serving jail time and going on probation. Before you jump at the chance to remain free, consider some restrictions you have to deal with on the program.

Staying out in society is a privilege, and the purpose of probation is to ensure that you abide by the law and parameters the court places on you. Learn about some of the parameters you may face on probation.

What does a court not allow on probation?

A judge grants probation with the hopes that you complete it with little to no issues. If you violate the terms of your probation, it may mean mandatory jail time. People who offend or break probationary terms face stiffer penalties and often do not get another chance to go through probation. While probation terms vary, some violations remain relatively universal, such as:

  • Breaking another law
  • Consuming alcohol
  • Taking illegal drugs
  • Absconding from the jurisdiction without permission
  • Failing to stick to curfew

What happens if you break probation?

One of the things you may not realize is that under the terms of your probation allow the police to arrest you for violating if they catch you committing a subsequent crime. Should you fail other terms of your probation, a judge may issue a warrant pursuant to the probation officer’s report and request.

While probation may prove costly in terms of fines, fees and time, it may allow you to remain out and productive in society.

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