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Potential marijuana discussions highlight current and future laws

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | Drug Charges |

Indiana remains one of the few states with no allowance for the use of marijuana. 38 states allow for medical marijuana and 21 of those states allow for recreational adult use. Each state that still has laws preventing any use must take into account neighboring states and their laws when determining their stance on this drug.

As Fox 59 reports, republican legislative leaders believe that discussion is on its way.

Moving pieces on the national stage

Some leaders believe there is no need to discuss marijuana regulation until the federal government declassifies it from the drug schedule list. Others believe that the time for action is now. If the federal government ends up legalizing marijuana, they think it would be best for Indiana to have a commission or regulations in place beforehand.

Another complication to the puzzle is the hemp-derived delta-8 products that provide legal THC because of the 2018 Farm Bill. The report does not mention how soon these discussions may happen.

Marijuana laws as they stand

Cannabis and cannabis-related products remain illegal in Indiana. Possession of any amount comes with serious fines and jail time. The first offense with 30g or less is a misdemeanor with jail time of up to 180 days and a fine of $1,000. Repeat offenses raise those penalties to one year and $5,000. Possession of more than 30g is a felony.

Drug charges threaten the lives of anyone facing them. It is important for people to learn more about their unique cases and how to safeguard their future.

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