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How should I manage social media during a divorce?

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Divorce |

Particularly if you are in the lead-up or going through a divorce, managing your social media appropriately is very important. Many ex-spouses will mine social media accounts for ammunition to use during the divorce process.

Overall, it is not a bad idea to delete your social media, at least temporarily, if you are going through a divorce. However, this is not possible for all people. If you must keep your social media and divorce your spouse, Psychology Today advises you to keep your social media posts positive, and prune your friend lists.

Positivity is key

Many people use social media as a venue to vent their frustrations. However, this can be very dangerous to do during divorce. If you post something that is angry, it is possible that somebody could take a screenshot of what you wrote and send it to your ex. Remember that social media is not entirely private, even if you have your settings on “locked.”

It is better to keep your overall post tone positive and not say anything bad about your ex. It is also better to refrain from posting pictures of yourself partying, particularly if illegal drugs are present.

Make sure your friends are your friends

Removing your ex and any direct family members from your friends lists is an obvious first step. However, you should also take the time to remove mutual friends that you have with your ex, particularly if the friend is closer to the ex than they are to you. This may seem extreme, but it is a matter of protecting your information.

Almost all Americans are on some form of social media. Taking precautions during a divorce is a natural first step toward protecting yourself.

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