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What is nesting?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Family Law |

If you are getting divorced with children involved, it is likely that you have concerns about their stability and mental health. You also may need space from your ex but have no solid plans about your future, yet.

“Nesting” is one way to provide your children with needed stability while you and your ex get the space necessary to make wise decisions. According to NBC News, “nesting” involves the children continuing to reside in the family home while the parents are present in shifts.

How is this helpful?

Particularly if the reasons for the divorce involve personal conflict, getting space to breathe is essential. It is also never good to argue in front of children, no matter how justified your reasoning may be.

Nesting helps with this. If only one parent is present in the family home, there are no arguments. Plus, it allows the children to continue to live their lives in the manner established before you and your ex decided to divorce. They will be able to attend the same school, play with the same friends and live in the same bedroom.

How long can nesting last?

Theoretically, you can continue to nest until the children get old enough to move out of the home. However, in most cases, this is not feasible. It is common for adults to want to establish their own lives in their own homes after the divorce. Plus, it may not be financially viable to maintain the family home for long.

Nesting is a secure measure that many families find is a good temporary stopgap before making future plans during a divorce.

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