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How should you discuss divorce with your children?

On Behalf of | Jan 18, 2022 | Divorce |

When a significant change like a divorce happens to a family, you may struggle to know how to address the topic with your children.

Learning about how to break the news can help you talk about it in a child-friendly manner.

Keep it direct

According to Psychology Today, focusing on the facts of what will happen can help you avoid confusing your children. If you are nervous about the subject, you may naturally begin to ramble or forget parts of what you want to say, which can leave your children feeling nervous.

By writing down or practicing what you want to say beforehand, you can combat your own nervousness. Keeping the explanation short and direct is also important since children do not need to know every personal detail about how the divorce started.

Reassure them

One common mistake children make is assuming they had something to do with the choice you and your ex-spouse made to divorce. Reassuring your children that you will always love them and that they did not cause this split can help them relax.

Answer questions

As you discuss this topic more, your children may appear confused or bring up worries and questions of their own. They may ask about where they will live next year or if they can still attend the same school.

Be prepared to answer and encourage these questions, since this kind of discussion can help them to fully understand more about the future and your divorce. Keeping a positive and reassuring tone can greatly help children explore their emotions about this change in their daily life.

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