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Keeping your divorce from disrupting your career

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2021 | Divorce |

Your divorce may impact your life for years afterward in both positive and negative ways. Reducing unwanted consequences requires you to take control of your life and focus on your goals.

Preventing your separation from disrupting your career will provide necessary support as you adjust. Knowing how to juggle a big personal challenge while simultaneously managing your job may help you to identify what you need to do to keep the two from colliding.

Set healthy boundaries

You may find that your divorce manages to interrupt your workday periodically. Maybe an observant coworker asks about your well-being. Perhaps you experience a moment of vulnerability and tell someone your situation. Or maybe you get a phone call regarding a divorce-related situation while you are on the clock.

You may not be able to prevent these types of interruptions entirely, but setting healthy boundaries can certainly help you reduce uncomfortable situations. Some of the things you can do to set boundaries include the following:

  • Designate certain times of day, off the clock, to respond to divorce-related inquiries
  • Determine which details of your divorce should remain private and resolve to keep them personal
  • Articulate a brief description of your situation to respond to questions from coworkers

See the big picture

Divorce can take a toll on both your physical and psychological health. In fact, according to U.S. News, feelings of guilt and shame, as well as grief over an ending relationship could have debilitating effects. Talking through your situation with supportive friends and family or enlisting the help of a mental health professional may give you a comfortable place to work through your feelings.

Even if your life seems uncertain right now, try to see the big picture. Think about what you want out of your job and identify some career-oriented goals to facilitate your success. The satisfaction of progression at work may encourage you to continue working past your divorce and help you to see a future full of potential.

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