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What do you know about reducing the cost of divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Divorce |

While you feel you must divorce your current spouse to feel happy, you may not feel you must spend your last dollar to dissolve your marriage. How do you save money on the legal process?

Forbes explores strategies to reduce divorce costs. Understand where you may cut spending without sacrificing your rights and opportunities.

Consider mediation

Rather than divorcing through a trial, you may save money with mediation. The alternate dispute resolution method relies on third-party mediators rather than attorneys to reach a divorce agreement. Mediation requires a spirit of corporation and compromise, so it may not benefit those going through a contentious split.

Get your financial house in order

Save divorce professionals time and work by organizing your financial documents yourself. Gather your tax returns for the past three years and a few recent pay stubs. Additional financial paperwork you need includes retirement account statements, your car note and mortgage statements and credit card statements.

Communicate through email

When you have questions for your legal representative, email your inquiries rather than ask them over a phone call. Make the most of scheduled appointments by making a list of questions you ask all at once. Paying for several minute-long phone conversations may add up faster than you realize.

Divide your household yourself

You do not need to pay a professional to divide household items. You and your spouse may go through your marital home yourselves to decide what you want. Think about using a shared word document with your current spouse. That way, you do not have to see each other and still accomplish the task.

Divorce does not have to lead to financial ruin. Hopefully, these tips gave you an understanding of where to focus your money, time and energy.

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