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How does mental health impact alcohol abuse?

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

Driving under the influence comes with hefty penalties. If you face charges and feel like you cannot control your alcohol use, you may have a substance abuse disorder or other mental health condition.

According to WebMD, many people use alcohol to curb symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you struggle with mental health and alcohol use, you may have more chances to find yourself behind the wheel under the influence.

Mental health’s impact on alcohol dependence

One reason that people often seek alcohol is to change how they feel. When you have anxiety or depression, you may use alcohol to alleviate the symptoms. Alcohol makes you feel more relaxed because it changes how your brain cells talk to one another. Many people chase the feel-good feeling when using alcohol.

Unfortunately, you most likely feel worse after when you use alcohol to treat a mental health condition. Your depression and anxiety may increase when you stop drinking. You may feel like the symptoms become worse over time and you need more alcohol to fight the signs.

Signs of alcohol dependence

Regular alcohol use does not always lead to dependence and some people do not recognize the signs of addiction. When alcohol begins to interfere with your relationships, job, and criminal record, you may start to identify a problem. One of the first signs that you may have a problem is if you worry about your drinking. Do you ever feel guilt for how much you drink? If you need to have more than 14 units in a week or need a drink in the morning, you may have an alcohol abuse disorder.

To discover how much you drink, you may want to keep a journal.

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