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How to set up a parenting time schedule that works for everyone

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2021 | Family Law |

For many parents considering divorce, the prospect of losing time with their children is likely the biggest concern. Child custody is challenging, but it is possible for parents to set up a parenting time schedule that works for everyone involved.

The Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines provide divorcing couples with instructions for how to work together for their children’s best interests while still giving each party adequate time to form strong bonds and relationships. Here are a few additional tips to assist parents as they create a visitation schedule that will benefit everyone.

Get the kids involved

Divorce is tough for everyone, but children can especially take it hard. If possible, allow your children to participate in creating a parenting time schedule that works for them. Take into account each child’s individual needs and activities to remain as consistent as possible.

Remain flexible

Because the only thing constant in life is change, it is important to be flexible when creating and sticking with a visitation plan. There may be times when one parent needs to rearrange the schedule temporarily for work or a vacation. Being flexible will help everyone maintain positive feelings toward one another.

Keep track

While flexibility is essential, it is also important to keep track of any temporary or short-term changes to your schedule to avoid potential issues in the future. Plus, it is easier to remember which parent has the kids when if you write it down somewhere.

Parenting time is essential to good familial relationships after a divorce. Working together to create a schedule that everyone agrees with is challenging, but it is possible.

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