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Southern Indiana Parenting Time Orders For Divorced Or Single Parents

Getting divorced can be a difficult and emotional experience for parents with minor children. The disruption to your daily routine, the upending of your children’s way of life and the thought of spending less time with your children can be major sources of anxiety.

However, a parenting time agreement that provides structure and maintains strong parent-child relationships can prove beneficial for your child. At Fifer Law Office, our knowledgeable, experienced team of family law attorneys works with divorced and single parents throughout Southern Indiana to negotiate and litigate court-ordered visitation schedules that support your needs and the best interests of your child.

Negotiating A Parenting Time Agreement

If you are a divorcing parent, your parenting time is unlikely to be impacted by how much you allegedly contributed to the breakdown of the marriage. Marital difficulties and parenting time are often separate in the court’s eyes. The same holds true for single parents — the fact that you were not married is not an issue. Things such as domestic abuse, addiction and criminal behavior, however, are matters that will negatively impact access to a minor child and child custody.

That being said, the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines place the child’s best interest first and foremost. The courts use these standards as the foundation of a schedule that provides the child with firm ties to both parents. The courts recognize that children benefit from good relationships with both parents whenever possible. Working with an experienced parenting time lawyer at Fifer Law Office will provide you with a dedicated advocate who understands the guidelines, your desires and the practical applications that Southern Indiana courts favor.

Contact An Experienced Southern Indiana Parenting Time Attorney

If you are considering divorce or are a single parent who would like to structure a court-approved parenting time schedule, the importance of knowledgeable, experienced legal representation cannot be overstated. Parenting time agreements require delicate negotiations and a refined application of the Indiana guidelines.

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