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Adoption Can Put A Smile On Everyone’s Face

Various circumstances — some more favorable than others — that can necessitate an adoption. Perhaps the biological parents of young children unexpectedly passed away or have been otherwise rendered unable or unfit to care for their children. In these cases, grandparents and other family members often step in and assume responsibility.

At Fifer Law Office, we work with individuals, couples and families throughout Indiana to resolve family law issues. Adoptions, particularly stepparent, grandparent and other types of interfamily adoptions, are often some of the greatest success stories we get to be a part of.

Helping Indiana Families Come Together Through Adoption

Although a kinship adoption is often the best option for ensuring that a child is properly cared for, the legal process is still complex and requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. At Fifer Law Office, our lawyers will help you and your family understand your options, take necessary steps to preserve the best interests of the child and ultimately bring your family together.

There are numerous advantages to pursuing a kinship adoption, particularly for those who may already be caring for a child whose parents have passed away, have been incarcerated or are no longer able to provide a stable home. To learn more about the adoption process and the other family law services we provide, take a moment to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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