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Fighting For Your Child Custody Rights

When a divorce involves children, it is not uncommon for tempers to flare and disputes to be colored by emotions. In such situations, it’s crucial that you have an experienced attorney protecting the legal rights of you and your children.

At Fifer Law Office, our child custody lawyers have more than 30 years of experience as trial attorneys. Our skill in this area allows us to develop effective strategies to guide our clients through the legal process in the most efficient, professional manner possible. We understand that every case is different and each client is different. Our family law attorneys rely on their experience and their diverse backgrounds to understand your situation and thoroughly prepare an individualized strategy for your case.

Two Types Of Child Custody In Indiana

In Indiana, custody is separated into two distinct categories.

  • Physical custody: This type of custody refers to where the child actually spends his or her time.
  • Legal custody: This refers to decision-making power regarding such things as religion, education and medical care.

Often, we will work to develop a parenting time and visitation plan that both meets the needs of the parents and is in the best interest of the child. At Fifer Law Office, we will help you understand your options and provide the information necessary for you to make informed decisions for yourself and your children.

Helping You Seek The Custody Arrangement You Want

Whether your concerns center on custody, visitation, parenting time or relocation, Fifer Law Office can answer your questions. By providing clear answers and an honest assessment of your case, we can eliminate some of the stress and worry you might otherwise face.

Contact us online or call 812-949-2529 today to find out how we can help you and your children seek a custody arrangement that works. From our offices in New Albany, we help clients throughout Southern Indiana. We provide strong legal representation in life’s toughest moments.