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How do you handle your OWI during a job interview?

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | OWI/DUI/DWI |

After a recent encounter with Indiana law enforcement, you have a misdemeanor OWI on your criminal record. This happened while you seek to get a new job, so how do you explain your charge during interviews?

Chron offers tips for talking to hiring managers about drunk driving charges. Your OWI does not have to block you from every job opportunity.

Do not share too much

When asked about your criminal record, only respond to the questions you receive. For instance, because you have a misdemeanor OWI, you may honestly note on an application that you do not have a felony. If the application requests details about your arrest, you may write that you wish to dive into details during the interview.

Be honest on the application

Hiring managers may easily look into your background, so do not lie about your criminal record on an application. Even if an employer does not check your background before interviewing you, it may after hiring you. If the company learns you lied on your application, it could terminate you.

Stick to the facts, not excuses

You may fumble and make excuses for why you received an OWI misdemeanor, but resist this urge. Instead, give the hiring manager examples of what your charge taught you and the steps you take to learn from the experience, so it does not happen again. Show how you turned the situation into a positive instead of something that holds you back in life. Rather than place blame on others or specific circumstances, find ways to reassure the company that they do not have to worry about you if they hire you.

While difficult, you may gain employment with a drunk driving charge. Understanding how to explain the situation may help to improve your employment chances and opportunities.

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