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How do you share custody of an infant?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2021 | Child Custody |

Sharing custody of an infant may seem difficult when you are not the custodial parent. The State of Indiana lays out guidelines for this parenting time that you need to follow.

According to the Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines, it is important for both parents to spend time with the infant. This allows your child to bond with both of you and helps you to develop necessary parenting skills.

How much time should you spend with your infant?

Because infants are still developing their long-term memories, you should see your child regularly for short periods of time. If your baby is younger than four months, the parenting guidelines specify that you should have three visits each week. These visits should last about two hours. Infants between the age of five and nine months should also spend three days a week with you, and you should keep your child for three hours. Once your infant is older than 10 months, one of these visits can last 8 hours.

During these visits, you should follow your child’s established routine. This makes the transition between parents easier for the infant. Additionally, these visits should take place in a quiet location.

When should you do overnight visits?

You may be eager to keep your son or daughter overnight. If you were a regular caregiver to your child before the divorce, you may have one overnight visit each week. However, the parenting time guidelines do not recommend overnight visits for parents who are not regular caregivers. Short visits during the day allow you and your child to bond and help you to develop the skills you need to care for your child at night.

When infants have a good relationship with both of their parents, they experience better cognitive and emotional growth.


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