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Hundreds injured in Indiana’s work zones annually

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2020 | Personal Injury |

Encountering construction on Indiana’s roadways is often time-consuming and frustrating. In many instances, though, traveling through the state’s construction zones also proves quite dangerous. Each year, hundreds of Indiana residents and visitors suffer injuries resulting from work zone car crashes, and some of those injuries lead to deaths.

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation, 650 people suffered injuries in Indiana’s construction zones in 2018. Of those 650 people injured, 14 wound up succumbing to their injuries. What factors are contributing to the high number of work zone car crashes and injuries, and what might you do to help protect yourself and your loved ones in these areas?

Common causes of work zone collisions

Speed is a major factor in many work zone car crashes, and so, too, are motorists following too closely to the vehicles in front of them. When motorists speed and follow too closely behind others, crash risks compound. Other common causes of construction zone car wrecks in Indiana include driver inattention, improper or unsafe lane changes, and drivers failing to yield to others.

Work zone safety tips

While there is no way to control the actions of other drivers, exercising considerable care when traveling through Indiana’s work zones may help reduce your crash risks. Avoid driving while distracted in these areas, and slow down when approaching them. You may also want to tap your brakes several times when stopping in work zones to make sure the driver behind you knows your plans.

Take care, too, to observe any signage in the construction zone that may provide necessary information about detours and delays.

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