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How do dog bite attacks affect victims?

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Dog & Animal Bites |

Many residents of Indiana own a dog or know someone who does. Crossing paths with dogs may increase your chance of suffering from a bite attack. Today we will look at this possibility.

In specific, we will examine the aftermath of bite attacks on victims. We will look at the physical and mental hurdles they may face in the recovery process.

Physical impact of bite attacks

Science Direct discusses some of the consequences of dog bite incidents. Physical impacts are often discussed because they are very visible. The damage from dog bite injuries is often extensive and excruciating. Victims are often scarred for life. Some may even lose sight, hearing, taste or their sense of smell. This depends on what area of the body and head the dog attacks. It also depends on how vicious the attack is and how soon medics treat the wounds. Some people need plastic surgery to look like themselves again after an incident.

Mental impact of bite attacks

Of course, there are also mental impacts. Many dog bite victims find themselves dealing with depression and anxiety. Some develop post traumatic stress disorders. Others find themselves facing agoraphobia or cynophobia. This is a fear of leaving the home and a fear of dogs. These fears may cripple someone’s ability to live life like normal. The constant high levels of stress are not good for the body either. This can cause complications and draw out the healing process.

A victim may feel the impact of bite attacks for many years to come. The recovery process is often a long one. For these reasons, victims often need as much support as they can get while recovering.

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