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Why do dog bite attacks take so long to recover from?

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2020 | Dog & Animal Bites |

Indiana residents who get attacked by dogs face different recovery times. These times are dependent on the severity of the wound itself. They also depend on how a person handles the attack on a mental and emotional level.

In general, dog bites take a long time for a victim to recover from. What should you know about bite attacks and the impact they have on the people they affect?

Dog bite attacks and victim scarring

One reason is the area that dogs tend to attack. As Mayo Clinic points out, cases of dog bites involving facial trauma are not uncommon. Dogs often go for the face or neck. The most targeted area is the hand or arm due to proximity. But if your head is in their reach, they will target that as well.

This means facial scarring is also common. Scars take along time to heal from in a physical and mental sense. You will sport this scar for a long time. You may have it for the rest of your life. You may face a constant reminder of a traumatic event because of a scar. In society, people put strong emphasis on looks. Visible scarring may damage you for different reasons.

Physical and mental impacts of a bite

Some bite attacks cause enough damage to force victims through physical therapy. This is an extensive process that takes a lot of time and energy out of the victim.

Finally, the emotional impact is often very severe. Victims struggle with depression, anxiety and even PTSD. Many do not get the help they need to get through this dark period. When these factors combine, it results in a victim with a long and complex road to recovery.

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