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How do you know if a family court will dismiss your case?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2020 | Family Law |

In most instances, the cases that do not get dismissed are those that require massive action. All other cases have a chance of getting rejected. You are required to file your claim within a stipulated amount of time. This period can vary depending on the type of case. For heavy dockets of the courts, the period is shorter compared to other instances.

According to the California superior court, one of the main reasons why cases in the family court get dismissed is because people do not take the time to finalize and set a trial before the stipulated time. If the documents do not get filled on time, attorneys and involved parties do not get enough time to obtain and result.

In some instances, the case will get dismissed if one of both parties does not show up for their case. Most courts will demand that there be a signature scheduled at the dismissal hearing. With this scheduling order, parties understand all trial and discovery deadlines every party requires to present their case before the court. If they do not come for hearings, their case will get thrown out.

Sometimes, through a nonsuit, all parties involved may agree to have their cases dismissed voluntarily. As long as the defendant does not fill rejection claims, the nonsuit does not need to be in their favor. If you lack sufficient evidence to argue your case, the court will dismiss it.

You must always ensure that you take note of the dismissal date and how it affects the final verdict in your case.

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