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Adopted children might need help during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2019 | Adoption |

Child custody cases are challenging for everyone involved, but there is an instance that might be even more difficult than normal. Families who adopt an older child might face some very serious repercussions when they are dealing with this situation. These children might have had a hard time adjusting to life in a family, which can make this a devastating situation.

These children probably settled into life in a new family. Now, they might automatically feel like they are going to be thrown into an upheaval again. This will hit them harder than it might impact children who were with you since they were a baby.

One thing that can help your adopted children cope with the situation is to have a meeting with them that includes both parents. Remind them that they are still your children, and they will still have both parents. You must let them know that this isn’t their fault. Explain some of the general guidelines that will be followed now, such as the parenting time schedule.

As you work out the child custody agreement, try to keep the children informed of what decisions are made. This can help them to see that they do have an adjustment to make but that they aren’t going to lose their family. The period of change might be prolonged for these kids but being willing to work with them and help them along the way can benefit everyone involved.

One final thing to remember is that child custody of an adopted child works the same as with biological children. This includes things like the parenting time schedule and the child support order, so be prepared to work all of this out.

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