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Parents’ divorce can cause stress in kids

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2019 | Family Law |

Children who have parents who are divorcing might begin to feel stress. This isn’t a good situation for the children because they might not be able to cope with it productively. As their parent, it is your job to help them work through the emotions that come with the end of the marriage. There are many options that you have for doing this, so you have to figure out what is going to work for your children.

Stress can manifest in a variety of ways in kids. One of the more common ways is through physical symptoms. Some children might have headaches or complain of stomach pain. Changes in their appetite or sleep habits can also occur. Some kids might start to wet the bed even though they have been potty-trained already.

The stress might also show up in emotional or behavioral ways. They might have trouble controlling their actions. Performance with school might suffer. They might get into trouble more than normal. Throwing tantrums and being unable to relax are common signs of stress.

One way that you might be able to help your children is to show them how to handle the situation. Talk them through what they are feeling so that they can find ways to address the emotions. Discuss some of the techniques that you use to cope with stress.

You should also let other trusted adults know about the divorce so they can help the kids if they need it. Teachers and people at church might be able to offer guidance to the children. Just make sure that you let the kids know they can talk to those trusted adults.

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