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Monetary damages can be costly after a car wreck

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Personal injury cases help victims of accidents caused by negligence, recklessness, or purposeful action to seek compensation for the financial damages they suffer. These damages come in many forms, including the expenses for medical bills, personal care costs and similar costs. We know that it is hard to come up with a figure that accurately represents the financial impact of the accident.

We are here to help you determine what monetary amount to attach to your case. This has many factors that must be considered before we file any paperwork. For example, we need to look at the medical bills you’ve already gotten, including any co-pays or deductibles you covered. Considering the future medical bills you might incur because of the crash is also necessary. Due to the legal concept of subrogation, we also need to look into what money the insurance company has spent on your behalf.

On top of those, you also have to consider the amount of income you’re out of because of the incident. This may be due to not being able to return to work right away, but it can also be due to having to miss for doctor’s appointments, therapy and other things directly related to the crash.

When you are dealing with serious injuries, you might not feel like you can deal with anything else. We are here to help you with the legal matters that stem from the crash. Make sure that we get things moving right away since there are time limits in these cases. Once the time limit passes, there isn’t any legal standing for you to seek compensation.

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