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Remarriage after divorce can create a complex situation

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2019 | Family Law |

Navigating through child custody matters isn’t always easy. You have to think about your circumstances, as well as how all options will affect your children. One area in which this is very important is when you bring other people into the arrangement.

When you first go through the divorce, your children have to get used to the transition that comes with moving from one home to two. As time progresses, you and your ex might start dating other people. Eventually, marriage might come into the picture, which adds a complex dynamic to an already challenging situation.

Introducing your children to your new significant other can be a challenge. First, see if your parenting plan has limitations or requirements for this introduction. You have to make it clear that the person isn’t there to replace the other parent. Instead, make it clear that the plan is for the children to have another adult to love them.

One way that you can smooth this transition over is to set guidelines for how the new stepparent-stepchild relationship will be handled. Make it clear that respect is a must. Allow them time to get to know each other and to build a relationship. This isn’t going to be fast, but trying to rush through the process can make it all very stressful.

Another area that you need to think about is discipline. What type of discipline can the stepparent dole out? This will vary according to the situation, so make sure that you consider the specific circumstances before any decisions about this are made. You might even consider speaking to your ex to get their take on the matter.

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