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Pedestrian-vehicle accidents: Common causes and safety tips

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2019 | Pedestrian Accidents |

As a pedestrian, you must always be aware of what’s happening around you. As the driver of a motor vehicle, the same holds true.

You’re a pedestrian even when you’re not thinking about it. This includes when you’re walking to and from your office building or jogging around your community.

There is no guaranteed way to prevent a pedestrian-vehicle accident, but there are steps you can take as a pedestrian to improve your safety. Consider doing the following:

  • Look both ways before crossing the street
  • Use crosswalks when crossing the street
  • Follow the “walk” and “don’t walk” signals at intersections
  • Avoid darting into traffic
  • Make eye contact with drivers in stopped vehicles
  • Use sidewalks when possible

When you do these things, you’ll feel better about your ability to remain safe as a pedestrian.

Unfortunately, even if you’re personally doing everything you can to protect yourself, a driver could make a mistake. Some of the many things that cause a driver to strike a pedestrian include:

  • Distracted driving, such as texting or turning around to chat with a backseat passenger
  • Speeding, especially in crowded areas
  • Failure to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks
  • Ignoring traffic signals and signs, such as stop signs and yield signs
  • Failure to use turn signals
  • Disregard for traffic conditions, such as during rush hour
  • Disregard for weather conditions, such as during a rain storm
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medication
  • Drowsy driving

What to do after a pedestrian accident

If you’re struck by a motor vehicle, you’re likely to suffer a serious injury. It’s imperative to stay where you are, call for help and wait for an ambulance to arrive. If your injuries don’t allow you to call 911, ask a witness to assist you.

Your primary goal is to receive medical attention as quickly as possible. This can help reduce the impact of your injuries, while enhancing your ability to make a full recovery.

Your medical team will provide you with a diagnosis, as well as a treatment plan to help you on the road to recovery.

When possible, learn more about the cause of the crash. This will help you when contacting your insurance company and taking action to hold the negligent driver responsible.

If you were injured in a pedestrian-vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to browse our website for information on your legal rights and the next steps to take.

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