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Mental illness can be challenging during marriage and divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2018 | Family Law |

Marriage comes with many challenges, but there are times when these become overwhelming and the relationship has to end. A divorce also comes with many complex elements that have to be taken into consideration as you are making decisions about it. One thing that can make some divorces more difficult is the presence of mental illness. This is amplified when the person doesn’t have the help they need to address the illness.

It is very difficult to be married to a person with a mental illness, but it is also very difficult for the person who has the illness. This can sometimes lead to the end of the marriage. No matter which side of the situation you are on, it is imperative to remember that addressing these issues head-on can be beneficial to everyone involved.

In some cases, the person with the mental condition might be more than willing to cooperate with the divorce. Unfortunately, there are also times when the person with the issue might fight everything along the way, even if the options being offered make perfect sense.

One thing that can often help to facilitate the divorce process is ensuring that the person who has the mental trouble gets help during this stressful time. The counseling sessions, as well as any medications that might be necessary, can help them to think more clearly as they work through the issues at hand.

Every divorce, including those that involve a person who has special challenges, requires each party to protect their own interests. You should ensure that you are taking steps to think about how various options presented during the divorce might affect your future.

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