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How should you talk to your kids about divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2022 | Family Law |

One of the hardest aspects of getting divorced is talking to your kids about the matter. Even when it is in their best interest, children are bound to feel sad and confused about the prospect of their parents splitting up.

That is why you must approach the topic as sensitively as possible. Here are a few tips for talking to your children about divorce.

Do not blame your ex-spouse

It is natural to feel some resentment or anger towards your former spouse during the divorce. However, you should not express these feelings openly to your children, or you could damage their relationship with the other parent. Barring instances of abuse or neglect, children must have a healthy relationship with both parents going forward. Blaming the other person or speaking ill of them could impact your child’s point of view and potentially cause strife in your family.

Talk to your kids together

Informing children of the news together shows that your family unit remains, even if you are no longer married. It also establishes that both parents commit to the care and wellness of the kids. You can even sit down with your ex and plan what you will say, which ensures you deliver the news in the most kind and respectful manner as possible.

Encourage kids to ask questions

After the initial discussion, you will need to revisit the topic of divorce with your children. Urge them to ask questions and express their emotions throughout the process, so you can remain in touch with how they are feeling. Let them know how they are feeling is normal, as children experience a wide range of emotions during their parents’ divorce.

It is impossible to avoid all negative feelings when experiencing such a major change to your life. With the right support, your child can navigate this trying time knowing that you and your former spouse stand by their side.

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