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What are some signs of a concussion?

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After a car crash or other extreme accident, you may slowly notice unusual symptoms in your mind or body.

A concussion affects your memory and balance, which can cause you to sometimes lose consciousness. While some complications from this injury are easy to spot, many may not appear right away.

Mental problems

According to the Mayo Clinic, a concussed person often experiences fuzziness of the mind or fits of confusion after the initial injury. You may forget parts of the traumatic event. In some cases, you may struggle to concentrate while performing everyday activities.

This inability to focus is a serious sign of a concussion. Running or other vigorous activities can further aggravate head trauma, so taking precautions may help prevent worse injuries.

Physical issues

Unusual vomiting or intense headaches can leave you feeling anxious and worried. These symptoms often escalate as time goes on, which may require you to seek medical help. Some common problems include ringing noises in the ears or bouts of tiredness. You may also notice feelings of weakness in your limbs.

Beyond these, many people also experience fitful and restless nights due to increased sensitivity to noises or smells. You may even awaken in the middle of the night or struggle to sleep through it entirely.

Long term struggles

Family and friends around you may notice how your mood or concentration changed. Sometimes, it is easier for others to notice problems you have than for you to notice them yourself. Others may observe you forgetting what you say or struggling to make sense while speaking.

Knowing the common characteristics of a concussion can help you notice these issues after a personal injury.

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