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How much does an Indiana OWI raise your insurance rates?

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2020 | OWI/DUI/DWI |

When a law enforcement officer stops you for drinking and driving and that charge winds up leading to a conviction, you may see your bank account take a serious hit. A first-time conviction for operating while intoxicated in Indiana means a fine of up to $500. It also means jail fees, impound fees, towing fees and court costs, among related expenses, and it also leads to a sharp increase in how much you must pay to insure yourself once you start driving again.

According to NerdWallet, motorists nationwide should expect to pay much more for automotive insurance once they have drunk driving convictions in their driving histories. How much more you must pay under these circumstances varies based on where you live, among other factors.

Insurance rate hikes in Indiana

If you had a decent driving record before your drunk driving conviction, you might have paid about $994 a year for full coverage car insurance. A first-time OWI conviction, however, leads to a considerable increase. Once you have that OWI, plan to pay closer to $1,538 a year to insure yourself while driving, which is an annual difference of $544.

Comparison shopping for more favorable rates

Insurance companies use different strategies and formulas to decide how much to charge you. So, you may find that, even with an OWI, there is quite a bit of variation among the rates insurance providers offer. You may, too, find that your current insurer no longer wants to cover you once you have an alcohol-related offense in your history. To find the most favorable rate available to you, you may want to secure quotes from several different insurance companies.

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