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Could “bird-nesting” help your kids adjust to your divorce?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Family Law |

When you and your spouse divorce and you share children, you may struggle with what to do with your Indiana home. You may also have concerns about how to minimize the impact your split has on your children, and you may want to keep other aspects of your kids’ lives as consistent as possible.

While it may not work for all families, NBC News notes that some families facing similar circumstances are opting for “bird-nesting” arrangements. What is a bird-nesting arrangement, and how might it benefit your children when you divorce?

Understanding bird-nesting

A bird-nesting arrangement refers to a living situation where your children stay in the home you all once shared while you and your former partner take turns living there. You and your ex may share a studio or small apartment elsewhere that you take turns staying in while the other parent lives with the kids in the former family home.

Identifying the benefits of bird-nesting

Bird-nesting may not work for families working with limited incomes. However, those who are able to finance such an arrangement often find that it has positive effects on children. It may help your children adjust to the news of your split if they stay in a space that is comfortable for them, at least during a transitional period.

Bird-nesting may also make it easier for your kids to continue to attend their existing school and spend time with their existing social circles. Doing sp may help soften the blow of your divorce. It also gives your children an opportunity to adjust to your new familial situation without the added stress of having to pack bags and shuffle between homes.

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