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The deadliest time of year

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2018 | Personal Injury |

Many associate July and August with summer fun. It is important though for people to be aware of the safety dangers that can arise during these months. The National Safety Council points to these two months being a particularly deadly time of the year in the United States. Reportedly, July and August see more preventable accidental deaths than any other two-month period.

Today, we’ll go over a couple of the dangers to keep an eye out for during these summer months and some of the steps that can be taken to address these dangers.

People can face serious safety hazards when out walking over the summer. For one, they can face risks from the cars out on the roads. Auto-pedestrian accidents can lead to fatalities.

So, when out walking, people may want to:

  • Be aware of their surroundings
  • Keep a close eye on the cars around them
  • Carefully obey the rules of the road for pedestrians
  • Dress in easily visible clothing

Over the summer, many swim or do other water-related recreational activities. Dangers can arise in connection to such activities. When accidents occur at pools or out on bodies of water, there can be the potential for drowning deaths.

So, when taking the family out for some water-related fun, parents should make sure to remind their kids on how to act safely at the pool or out on the water. It can also be important for them to properly supervise their kids and model good water safety behavior.

While people can’t completely eliminate the chances of encountering dangers when out and about, these are some of the things they can do to try to keep themselves and their family safe during July and August.

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