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We Defend Young People And Their Future Opportunities

At Fifer Law Office, we know that young people make mistakes. But when those lapses in judgment result in violations of the law, serious consequences can come into play.

For many parents, the thought of watching a son or daughter face serious criminal charges is a frightening proposition. However, when minors in our local communities make mistakes that run afoul of the law, there’s little time for remorse when a young person’s future is at risk.

Kids Make Mistakes. They Shouldn’t Have To Pay For Them Forever.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we at Fifer Law Office understand the delicate nature of juvenile cases and how to help families get through these difficult situations.

Juvenile crimes can encompass a variety of charges, including:

  • Drug possession such as the possession of marijuana or prescription medication
  • Underage drinking as well as drinking and driving
  • Shoplifting and other theft crimes
  • Violent crimes such as battery
  • Sex crimes, including date rape and sexual assault
  • Truancy

As criminal defense lawyers representing juvenile offenders and their families, we know the value of building a defense that helps the court see the bigger picture. The truth is, young people deserve a chance to learn from their mistakes. One advantage of juvenile court is its emphasis on rehabilitation and education as opposed to stiff punishments.

A Team Of Legal Professionals Helping Juvenile Offenders And Their Families

By working together, we can take immediate action, help inform you and your family of your options and offer advice and support to better ensure that your loved ones take the necessary steps to avoid future criminal charges. When you and your son or daughter need strong legal representation in life’s toughest moments, we can help.

To sit down with a lawyer to discuss your child’s case, contact our New Albany , Indiana, law offices at 812-949-2529. You can also reach us by completing our online contact form. At Fifer Law Office, our lawyers are attentive and responsive to your needs and will capably guide you through every step of the legal process.