Understanding Expungements In Southern Indiana

Like other practice areas, the laws pertaining to criminal matters are constantly changing. As recently as 2014, Indiana's laws pertaining to expungements have altered. At Fifer Law Office, we stay on top of these changes and help our clients explore options for securing an expungement of a prior conviction or a case that was previously dismissed.

What Can An Expungement Do For Me?

In short, an expungement can make it easier for those with certain types of prior arrests to apply for a job or pursue other opportunities that require a criminal background check. In the past, very few types of criminal cases qualified for expungement. However, updates to the law have opened things up considerably. If your arrest did not result in a conviction due to a dismissal, you can likely pursue an expungement. Furthermore, there are specific types of convictions that are eligible for expungement. There are certain other procedures, timelines and various requirements that our attorneys can explain as they pertain to your case.

Pursuing an expungement is an involved and often complex process with numerous regulations that can affect eligibility. At Fifer Law Office, our criminal defense lawyers will work with you when exploring options. If you are eligible, we can help you petition the court for an expungement while guiding you at every step. Since these matters are case specific, it is important to work with someone who will take the time to understand the details of your case, apply the findings to the most up-to-date laws and offer a realistic assessment of your chances for a successful outcome. At Fifer Law Office, we don't deal in false hopes, we provide honest, straightforward counsel.

Staying Up To Date On The Laws To Ensure Our Clients Seize Every Opportunity

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