After A Motorcycle Accident, You Want To Know Your Attorney Will Fight For Your Best Interests

There are obvious risks that come with choosing to ride a motorcycle. However, when a motorcyclist is involved in a car accident, it's often because the driver of the car failed to take proper precautions. Distracted or impaired driving is often the reason behind motor vehicle accidents that result in serious injuries, or in many cases involving motorcyclists, loss of life.

You Have Rights, Let Us Help You Protect Them After An Accident

At Fifer Law Office, we have worked with numerous individuals and families throughout Indiana who have been involved in serious car, truck and motorcycle accidents. Our personal injury attorney has witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional trauma that comes with suffering a permanent disability or the loss of a loved one. By helping clients assert their rights and take on the large insurance companies, we can assist you in pursuing the following types of compensation:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages and impaired earning capacity
  • Physical and emotional pain and suffering

Whether an impaired or otherwise negligent driver caused the accident, or your accident occurred because of improperly maintained roads, defective parts on your motorcycle or any other reason, an experienced lawyer can help you make sense of your options and take the appropriate steps to get you back on the road.

If You've Been Injured While Riding Your Motorcycle, Reach Out To Us

To schedule a consultation, call our Jeffersonville or New Albany law offices at 812-949-2529 or send us an email by completing our online contact form. We pride ourselves on being accessible, attentive and committed to helping our clients in Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Crawford, Scott and Washington Counties move forward after serious accidents.